Listen to this very real conversation between Dominick Claudio (President & CEO) and Tim Liebrecht (COO) discussing the impact of the coronavirus on the Claudio Corporation and their mission on how we came together and find strategies on tackling this time of uncertainty.

3/19/20: Small Business & COVID-19

Tim (Claudio Corporation COO) and Dominick(Claudio Corporation President & CEO) discuss survey responses from 12 small businesses on the impact COVID-19 is having on their business.

3/20/20: Small Business Stories

Dominick (CEO) and Tim (COO) discuss the latest businesses who responded to the small business impact survey, the launch of the www.SmallBusinessLivesHere.com platform and what next steps the Claudio Corporation is taking for survival.

3/21/20: More Stories and Future Plans

Dominick (CEO) and Tim (COO) discuss West Virginia's latest "Stay at Home" order, its potential impacts and more practical steps for small business survival.

3/24/20: The Stay at Home Order is Here

Dominick (CEO) and Tim (COO) discuss the past week's developments, the coming economic stimulus package contents, and more small business stories.

3/28/20: COVID-19: Relief is Coming

Tim (COO) and guest Patricia Pagan, Economic Development Manager of the Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation, discusses the latest info on the CARES Act and the next steps available for small businesses.

4/3/20: COVID-19: All The Acronyms - The CARES Act, PPP, and EIDLs

Dominick (CEO) and Tim (COO) discuss the latest developments with the roll out of the CARES Act, more information from affected small businesses and principles to stay grounded in the midst of uncertainty.

4/8/20: COVID-19: Hurry Up and Wait

Dominick and Tim discuss the status of the various forms of stimulus funding and lessons learned through COVID-19.

4/10/20: COVID-19: Show Me the Money

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