As new statewide address closes non-essential business, small business owners remain unsure

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

The COVID-19 virus has caused a major rift in the economy of the U.S. and has been even more of a concern for small business owners.

With the recent statewide address from Governor Jim Justice, all non-essential businesses are forced to close for business. “We knew it was coming and we were prepared for this. We should try to live our lives as best we can and we should not panic,” Justice said. “We should not be afraid; we should be smart at this time.”

Eddie Snider, owner of Adams Office Supply – located in Fairmont – said that he is worried for his business and the employees that keep it going since they will have to modify their hours of operation. Snider is concerned about the longevity of being forced to shorten their hours, due to having a total of six employees that will be filing for unemployment. “I don’t have any money coming in, it’s going to be hard to put anything out,” Snider said. While Snider is having to lower hours, as well as other small businesses, they are all hopeful to simply survive. “We’ll survive…we certainly hope,” Snider said. “We have over 80 years invested in [our business] so we’re just keeping our fingers crossed. We’re one of the last small, independent office supply dealers you’ll find around. There aren’t many left.”

Adam's Office Supply has been operating since February 19, 1932

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